In this article you will learn about Zenises’ Z tyre brand…..

New Brand – When was Z tyre introduced and what made it unique?

Design – What aspects of Z tyre’s design contribute to its performance?

Testing – How did the Z tyre hold up under testing?

Innovation – What are the latest Z tyre products?

An Exciting New Tyre Brand

Z tyre is a cost-effective, premium tyre brand that was first introduce to the European scene in 2014. It combines all the best aspects of luxury high performance brands into an affordable, quality tyre and has quickly become a favourite with European drivers. Z tyre was born out of a collaboration between the two great cities London and Dubai, representing the best aspects of old and new luxury. It was tested and designed with the challenges of European roads in mind, making it one of the safest tyres in all types of driving conditions.

The multinational tyre corporation, Zenises Group, is the company behind the Z tyre brand. Founded by CEO and experienced entrepreneur, Harjeev Kandhari, Zenises has been pushing the boundaries of the industry since its inception and now has a presence in thirty different countries. As well as being an innovative business leader, Harjeev Kandhari is passionate about the industry. He began working with tyre design in his family’s company in Dubai, so with Zenises, he knew right away he wanted a brand that would accurately represent the company name.

State of the Art Design

In all aspects except the price, Z tyre is premium high performance tyre geared toward drivers that expect the most. Speed ratings, the measure of how well the car handles at top speed, go all the way up to Y (300 km per hour) on the Z tyre even though most tyres stop at W (270 km per hour). At the same time Z safety and economy ratings are also impeccable with a consistent B level wetgrip in all tyres and a B or C in fuel efficiency depending on the tyre size.

These are some of the features which helped to make the original Z tyre design so versatile and revolutionary.

  • Modern Tread Design – the special tread pattern maximises contact with the road. The wide central rib running all the way around the tyre allows for greater stability at high speeds while the contour of the shoulder conforms to the road for optimal handling and high precision driving.
  • Asymmetric Tread Pattern – the inside and the outside of the tyre serve different purposes in Z tyre, so they are not designed the same. The inner edge reduces wear and allows for maximum wetgrip performance. Meanwhile the outer rim provides the high performance that discerning drivers expect, with easy steering and a comfortable smooth ride even on the narrow winding roads of Europe.
  • Deep grooves – four deep troughs running around the entire circumference of the tyre help to trap and eliminate water. This reduces the tendency to aquaplane, even in lightweight vehicles, and supports Z tyre’s excellent wetgrip rating.
  • Silica based compound – the tread compound is another important factor in wet and dry breaking. High silica content in the Z tyre’s surface means that slick roads are no longer a problem.
  • Tread wear indicator – this lets the driver know when the tread level is becoming unsafe and it’s time to replace the tyre.

Intensive Testing

The Z tyre was the result of knowledge, years of experience and careful design. However even the most expert tyre design needs extensive testing to make it one hundred percent road worthy. Every Z tyre has to pass the Z 360 ⁰ testing criteria to make it worthy of the Z logo.

Zenises wants to make sure Z tyres conform to the most objective standards, so testing is carried out by an independent agency, Total Performance Testing, in Idiada Spain. Chris Davidson was part of the team that helped to evaluate the Z tyre. According the Davidson, a high performance tyre like Z tyre should have excellent handling and breaking power at top speed. ‘The sidewall stability is the key thing with this type of tyre.’ Davidson helped conduct a ‘full suite of wet and dry tests’ on the Z tyre in and found the tyre matched very well with top tier companies in both performance and safety. Z tyre has proved that premium tyres don’t need to come from the top brand names, or cost a fortune.

More Tyre Innovation

Harjeev Kandhari didn’t stop with the creation of a state of the art tyre. The Z tyre brand has continued to expand, adding several new product lines in recent years. The Z 1 flat tyre allows drivers to control the vehicle and continue driving safely for a short period of time even with a significant drop in tyre pressure. In the event of a flat, you’ll be able to get to a safe location where someone can help you, instead of being stranded at the side of the road. The Z tyre range also includes SUV sizes, and winter and all season treads will be coming to the Z family soon.

The latest Z innovation available in Germany is a Flat Rate Tyre Subscription which can help to avoid the high up-front cost of purchasing new tyres. For a monthly charge of 4.99 euros, customers are guaranteed all the ‘tyre-related services’ they need. This helps to ensure a long term relationship between the customer and their tyre-professional, but more importantly it promotes driver safety. With the new Z contract, tyres will automatically be replaced once the tread drops below a safe level; drivers don’t even need to worry about checking. This is an important concern, since a recent safety report found that more than a quarter of the cars on the road have tyres that are below legal tread requirements. Z tyres new subscription is just one of the many changes Zenises has brought to the tyre industry, helping to make tyres safer and more economically efficient for customers.