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Harjeev Kandhari Talking Tyres is the premier tyre and automotive resource, keeping visitors up to date on the tyre industry through the insight and acumen of today’s industry leaders. We aim to cover the tyre industry from a global perspective, providing visitors with an immersive, insightful experience into parts of the world that they may or may not be familiar with.

Readers enjoy updates from the Middle East, China, the United States and anywhere else with pertinent industry information. Articles include subjects ranging from branding, marketing, manufacturing, technology, raw materials supplies, sales, and more.

With experts at the helm of each article, readers will find a wealth of information that other niche websites are not able to provide. From lighthearted to straight-to-the-facts arguments, Talking Tyres provides an array of viewpoints and tones that ensure readers are entertained and informed at the same time. It is our intention for Talking Tyres to serve as your one-stop destination for tyre and automotive industry news.

Talking Tyres was founded by Harjeev Kandhari. Mr. Kandhari is the Founder and CEO of Zenises, the premier global tyre company that focuses on the fusion of technical advances, aesthetical beauty, and the balance of precision, safety, customer service, and style.


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